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Graduate Liberal Arts Program Learning Outcomes

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Graduate Liberal Arts

Program Learning Outcomes

The Graduate Liberal Arts Program provides students with an engaging curriculum covering the Arts, Humanities, Theory and Professional Practices. The program builds upon the programmatic outcomes of critical thinking and analysis, problem solving, written communication, art historical awareness and aesthetic sensitivity, cross-cultural understanding, research, and professional practices. Courses highlight correlations between the subject of study and the industries of art and design, giving students a relevant context in which to situate their own creative work.

MFA graduates will meet the following student performance criteria:

Critical Thinking and Analysis

  • Raise clear and precise questions, use abstract ideas to interpret information, consider diverse points of view, reach well-reasoned conclusions and test them against relevant criteria and standards on an advanced level.

Written Communication

  • Write and speak with conciseness and clarity to effectively communicate within the industry of their major in English on an advanced level.


  • Work as advanced researchers/artists and in collaboration with others as appropriate to their major.

Art Historical Awareness and Aesthetic Sensitivity

  • Evaluate art critically through formal, cultural and theoretical analysis. Recognize aesthetic value and artistic integrity on an advanced level.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

  • Understand, identify and acquire relevant knowledge of cultural perspectives and participate in intercultural communication.

Professional Practices

  • Meet expectations of the professional environment in relation to their intended careers in the areas of business planning, communication, collaboration and presentation.
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