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Sculpture Facilities

The Sculpture Center Life-Size Figure Sculpting Class The Welding Area

The Sculpture Center, which houses the Academy of Art University's Fine Art Sculpture Department, is a 50,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located in the heart of San Francisco's museum and gallery district.

We teach aesthetic and concept development as well as a variety of media-specific skills such as ceramics, bronze casting, welding, forging, jewelry/metal arts, papermaking and neon. We also have as strong figure modeling program.

The ceramic facility contains front-loading computer programmed electric and gas kilns, a slab roller, extruder and a pug mill.

The Metal Arts/Jewelry students have access to a 20-ton Hydraulic press, which nicely compliments the enameling, Lost Wax casting and calibrated burnout kilns. The Papermaking classroom also has a hydraulic press and vacuum table for finishing and a large Hollander beater to assist students in making European and Asian-styled paper.

Undergraduate Sculpture students and Fine Art Graduate School students use the contemporary technique of "ceramic shell" bronze casting. They enjoy intensive work at the AAC Foundry in South San Francisco, where there is a 150lb metal crucible (silicon bronze and aluminum), burnout kiln, cut-off station, burr-king sander and sand-blaster for their artwork. Back at the 410 Bush Sculpture Center, we house the wax studio with gating and sprue-stations and a ceramic-shell room with a slurry tank and silica sand stations.

Electric and Gas Kilns The Metal Arts/Jewelry Class The Wood Shop The Foundry Peter Schifrin, Director FASCU, in the first floor gallery

In our welding area, we have state-of-the-art TIG-welders, power tools, a new sand blaster and patina stations used to finish bronze casting. For our welding students our equipment includes a jet-milling machine for cutting metal a McEnglevan MIFCO forge machine, a plasma cutter, and 250 amp welders.

We also have available to the students a fully equipped wood shop and the only complete art/sculpture neon studio in California.

Our Mold making studio allows students to make one, two and three-piece molds and casts with materials such as plaster and rubber.