School of Industrial Design

Fabricate objects and jigs in both natural and artificial wood in our wood shop. Work with band saws, drill presses, jointer, planer, miter saws, panel saw, wood shapers, and table routers. Two wood lathes and two isolated sanding rooms with spindle and disc sanders and one more lathe for working foam plastics give you the control to polish your designs. The wood shop also features four state-of-the-art SawStop table saws as part of our ongoing commitment to safety.
With a custom-built negative pressure spray booth large enough to hold a full-sized automobile, discover one of the best-equipped painting facilities in the country.
Craft precision metal parts in our full featured metal shop. Machine lathes, milling machines, disc grinders, rollers,and formers are all at your disposal.
Learn advanced plastic techniques like sheet plastic fabrication and mold construction in our plastics shop.

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