Industrial Design

With an Industrial Design degree, you will be at the forefront of creating the future. If you are fascinated by creative and intellectual problem solving, have an artistic eye, and want to create products that change lives, a career in industrial design is perfect for you.



What We Teach

Furniture Design
You will begin by developing seating concepts and analyzing the use and means required to create several original furniture design concepts. You will then evaluate ergonomic criteria, code/safety requirements, and construction techniques—including upholstery—and the appropriate use of materials and details.
Product Design
This aspect of our curriculum will focus on handheld products. We will evaluate and discuss ergonomics in depth as you apply research, ideation, and problem-solving to develop your concepts. Sketching and presentation rendering will be emphasized. You will apply the skills you acquire to final presentations that will include developmental sketches, orthographic drawings, and sketch models and renderings.
Toy Design
This track will include the research and development of an innovative preschool toy, resulting in concept development and the creation of a three-dimensional prototype. You will be able to use 2D and 3D design tools to depict your designs for a final presentation.
Transportation Design
In the Transportation Design program, you will learn to design the mobility experiences of the future. Everything from designing the next visceral hyper-car to creating holistic mobility experiences that encompass e-bikes to personal vertical take-off landing vehicles. You will be challenged to create sustainable vehicle designs that inspire the movement of future humankind.

Industrial Design Degrees

The School of Industrial Design’s degree programs provide concentrations in furniture, product, toy, and transportation design. We will foster and guide your creativity in our studios. In our competitive collaborative classes, you will work in teams to create experiences through the tangible and intangible components of design. We will also facilitate numerous opportunities that will lead you to develop a portfolio of high quality student work that will set you apart from the rest upon graduation.

Start Your Career Now

Design the cars, toys, and products of the future. If you're fascinated by the creative and intellectual challenges facing the physical design industry, join us in creating the future.

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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Program provides students with a holistic education covering the arts, humanities, and sciences. Courses highlight connections between the subject of study and the major fields of art and design, providing context to the larger world of art and design.

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The Foundations curriculum heightens perception and understanding of visual structure through the study of drawing, modeling of form, value structure, perspective principles, color, and design theory.

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