School of Industrial Design

Our collaborative classes give you the experience of working as a team with graphic designers, fashion and textile designers, advertising students, and other disciplines to create fully realized concepts with real-world industry partners as your client.

School of Industrial Design
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General Motors Design

General Motors Design challenged Academy of Art University students from the fields of Fashion, Interaction UI/UX, Interior Architecture & Design, Graphic Design, Advertising, and Industrial Design to create a vision for GM for the year 2039. The teams created a world of driver-assisted and autonomous vehicles that live up to the full potential of their abilities. Simultaneously making the experience completely immersive and as intuitive as possible to the passenger. See their amazing work here:

Volkswagen Group

What does the future lifestyle for long-distance travelers look like? Academy of Art University partnered with Volkswagen Group to find the answer. Explore our site to see how we designed a holistic, seamless mobility experience that reflects the unique, vast opportunities the American landscape has to offer:


Audi Beyond is a collection of premium vehicles, architecture, and experiences that were created by Academy of Art University students to showcase what elevated mobility can be like in 2030. Students from multiple disciplines collaborated with Audi to create these holistic designs of future mobility. Explore the website below to see their concepts:


Academy of Art students have long been reimagining future car designs for major automotive brands. This time around, they are tasked to redefine Stellantis, a new brand arising from the merger of Fiat Chrysler Automobile and PSA Peugeot Citroën. The brief: to create a design reflecting the lessons of 2020, and promoting Stellantis as a steward of global, social, and economic stability. The entire course was completely done virtually, a true testament to how well Academy students can take advantage of our hands-on curriculum and various opportunities for career-prep, whether onsite or online. 


You have 98 days to reimagine a Subaru car for the year 2030. What will you come up with? In 2019, our corporate sponsor Subaru gave students a challenge: Create a vision for the Subaru brand in the year 2030. The students from Academy of Art University’s School of Industrial Design came together with students from diverse majors to work on the challenge.

Alfa Romeo & Maserati

In 2018, Industrial Design students invited students from the Schools of Fashion, Interaction & UI/UX Design, and Graphic Design to join their partnership with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). The objective was to reimagine the Maserati and Alfa Romeo automotive brands for the year 2030.


The Academy has enjoyed an eight-year relationship with NASA. Each year, the space program sponsors a class so students can figure out how to address the outstanding problems they face with astronauts’ space travel. One recent semester was focused on habitation or travel to Mars.


Academy of Art University’s Industrial Design students collaborated with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to create a Premium Concept Vehicle for the Jeep brand. Students were guided by Mark Moushegian (FCA Advanced Research Design Manager), Tim Anness (FCA Head of Advanced Design), and Tom Matano (ArtU IND Executive Director).


Collaboration with Industrial Design’s Furniture Department and Pininfarina to design modern workspaces for people that work remotely.

San Francisco Auto Museum

The SF Auto Museum presents a tantalizing glimpse into the history of the art and design of automobiles. Displaying cars from this expansive collection, the museum preserves an integral piece of international automotive culture.

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