School of Art Education Partnerships

Master students have an opportunity to synthesize all of their knowledge and experience with the creation of a comprehensive final Capstone project, as well as other possible opportunities for art internships. M.A. in Art Education students create their own innovative Education Programs. M.A. in Teaching students create a dynamic arts advocacy presentation to educate the public in the importance of Arts Education for the 21st century creative economy.

School of Art Education Partnerships

San Leandro High School

Since 2015, we have partnered with San Leandro High School, where we have placed many of our student teachers. Catie Rice was one of the first and paved the way for many more success stories. Academy alumna Audrey Brown, the chair of the Visual & Performing Arts Department at San Leandro High, exclaims “Academy students are certainly the most effective student teachers I have had in a long time, going back to 1997.”

While at San Leandro High, students apply the methods for teaching art they learned at the school under the guidelines of the director, Marybeth Tereszkiewicz, including role-playing and creation of adaptable lesson plans. Both, says Brown, exhibited ample content knowledge, dedication, and enthusiasm, as well as “an infinite capacity for meeting the challenges of teaching in an urban school.” Catie Rice received her Credential/MAT in 2016 and has already been promoted to Chairperson of her art department.

Edna Brewer Middle School

School of Art Education began its partnership with Edna Brewer Middle School in 2015. BFA graduates Micaela Demapan and Hye Min Jo were interns within its Visual Arts Program. Demapan and Jo helped create an exciting and inclusive experience for young students looking to pursue visual arts.

Among the projects that the student interns brought to Edna Brewer kids was one that focused on the art of meditation through the creation of colorful mandalas, explaining their history and significance as a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions.

In doing so, the Academy of Art University students helped the school make good on its commitment to expose its students to broader sensibilities through the study of the art of different cultures, eras, and media. Fall 2018 Credential candidate, Ellie Marcial, will be doing her student teaching semester placement at this vibrant, diverse school which encourages all of their students to pursue artistic expression

The Children's Creativity Museum

For over five years the School of Art Education has partnered with the Children’s Creativity Museum in San Francisco, an innovative art and technology experience for children. Their mission is to nurture creativity and collaboration in all children and families.

Each year many of our Art Education students do their fieldwork and internships at this imaginative and popular museum. These internships provide practice with the innovative educational approach that encourages kids to imagine, create, and design.

In 2017, MA in Art Education student, Ting Fang, did her fieldwork at the museum: “Working in such a vibrant and innovative environment helped me to think outside of the box and try new ideas.”

“Interns from Academy of Art’s School of Art Education are a wonderful fit for our museum. They bring both teaching and art skills which create a seamless partnership.” — Allie Stephens: Education Manager.

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