Art History Careers

Academy of Art University offers some of the best training and guidance to help students accelerate towards their chosen art history careers. We pride ourselves in doing an exceptional job preparing you to excel as a professional art historian. Our degree programs are designed to give graduates a comprehensive toolbox of marketable skills that lead to success in the field.

Art History Careers
As an art appraiser, you'll work in an auction house appraising a variant of art pieces to help collectors and galleries grow their collections. With your knowledge of historical and artistic significance, you'll set the pace for the art world and its value in the cultural landscape.
Corporate Consultant
As a corporate art consultant, you'll work with private corporations as an art buyer, assessor, and art investor to assess potential additions to the collection. Understanding works of art as both a financial investment and as part of a growing collection, you'll create a portfolio of art that speaks to a specific message.
As a museum or gallery curator, you'll work as the content specialist in charge of the institution's collection. Interpret the material, organize its exhibition , and provide historical context through materials, catalogs, and labels.
As an art history teacher, you'll teach a variant of topics including everything from survey courses to focused seminars at the high school or university level.
As an art researcher, you'll work in a publishing house, museum, gallery, or institution studying and compiling information on a specific subject to be used in publications, presentations, or exhibitions.
As an art writer/reviewer, you'll work in a publishing house reading and reviewing art-related materials. Working in teams, you'll fact check, revise, and edit everything from articles to books.
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