Miles Horak
Full-Time Faculty
School of Game Development

Miles has been programming and scripting video games for over ten years at the 3DO Company, Page 44 Studios, and Zynga. Miles scripted gameplay on action games like Army Men Air Attack 2, Dragon Rage, and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He scripted menus and gameplay on two Tony Hawk ports, and he scripted mini-games on the Spin it Rich casino slot game. Miles programmed the UI system that Page 44 used in four Disney games, and Miles is a huge Nintendo fan; he figured out the remote controls and programmed gesture recognition for two Wii games.

Industry Credits:

Programming and scripting video games for over ten years.

  • At the 3DO Company
    • Scripted gameplay on Air Attack, Dragon Rage, and Four Horsemen.
    • Programmed UI in High Heat Baseball.
  • At Page 44 Studios
    • Scripted menus and gameplay on two Tony Hawk ports for Neversoft.
    • Programmed the UI system we used on four Disney games.
    • Programmed gesture recognition for the Nintendo Wii remotes that we used on two Disney games.
  • At Zynga
    • Programmed UI on Party Place and Solstice Arena.
    • Programmed UI and gameplay on Hit it Rich and Spin it Rich.
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Jake the Dog from Adventure Time and say that the first step towards being good at something is being bad at something. You can’t just make games. You have to learn how to make games and that is really hard. You will make a lot of mistakes but if you are willing to learn from those mistakes then you can make games.
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