Learn more about housing requirements for students who are undergraduates, graduates, pre-college, attending in summer and athletes. Housing is guaranteed for all new, full-time onsite students. At this time, all housing applications are processed online.

To be eligible for housing, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate students are required to be enrolled in at least 9 units to live in housing. At least two classes must be on-site (not online).
  • Graduate students are required to be enrolled in at least 6 units to qualify for housing. At least two classes must be on-site (not online).
  • Complete the housing application
  • Electronically sign the Housing License Agreement
  • Pay the $500 deposit online through the Housing Portal, or contact Accounts Receivable at 415-618-6429
  • All housing students are required to have health insurance

Once you have applied online and paid your deposit, you will be emailed information on housing assignments and the selection process (if applicable). Please make sure to check your email and spam folder frequently.

Housing Selection is only available for students entering Housing in the Fall semester. All applicants for the Spring and Summer semester will be assigned by the Department of Housing and Residence Life.


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Pre-College Students

Housing is guaranteed for all full-time Pre-College Summer Art Experience students. The student and professional staff are trained to aid and support you.

Important Information

A few things you will need to know prior to applying to Campus Housing:

  • The program is an intensive scholarship art program, and is not a “Summer Camp.”
  • Students must be at least 16 years old to be eligible for housing during the Pre-College Summer Program*.
  • Campus Housing students must maintain the behavioral and attendance requirements of the program. Residents must be currently enrolled in three (3) Pre-College classes for instruction in an academic program at Academy of Art University. Failure to maintain student status will result in revocation of the housing License Agreement.
  • Program participants are assigned to buildings specifically and exclusively used for the Pre-College Summer Program, and are supervised by on-site advisors. In addition to extra Resident Advisor coverage in the building, each building has secured access entrances, and we also provide 24-hour roving security patrol. Large residence halls have security hosts posted in the lobby
  • Pre-College Summer Program residents must also abide by additional rules and regulations. The curfew for all students residing in Campus Housing for the Pre-College Summer Program is 10:00 PM every night (including July 4th). All students are required and expected to have returned to their designated residence hall by 10:00 PM each night and are required to check-in with the Residence Life staff by physically surrendering their Academy ID. Students who fail to adhere to the curfew policy will be immediately removed from Housing.
  • Pre-College Summer Residents will be required to have their own cell phone in order to stay in Campus Housing. Students will be required to provide a cell phone number to the Residence Life staff prior to move-in and must be available via this number to the Residence Life staff at all times.

*15 year olds interested in Campus Housing are required to submit two (2) Letters of Reference. The letters must be from a school teacher and from either an employer or from a non-profit organization where the high school student has done volunteer work. These letters must be submitted for students to be considered for Campus Housing.

Overnight Absence Request Policy

All Pre-College Summer Residents are expected to spend all nights in Campus Housing for the duration of the program. Only requests for overnight absences submitted in writing (utilizing the Overnight Absence Request Form) in advance of the start date of the Pre-College Summer Program will be approved unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by the Residence Life staff.

For these pre-approved overnight absences, students must be physically signed out for the entire night by either their parent and/or guardian. A student may not return to their residence hall prior to 8:00 AM of the day after they have been pre-approved for an overnight absence. Again, failure to adhere to this policy will result in removal from Campus Housing.

Pre-College Summer Art Experience Summer 2018 Dates

ONSITE Students – 4 Weeks

June 29 - 30, 2018Move in Days (Housing Students)
June 30, 2018PCAE Prep Day**
(Non-Housing New Student Orientation)
July 2, 2018First Class Session
July 4, 2018No Class - 4th of July Holiday
July 8, 2018Last Day to Apply/Drop/Change class schedule
July 26, 2018Last Class Session
July 28, 2018Final Exhibition
July 28, 2018Hall Closing (Move Out)

*Move In between 9am-5pm, Dinner with Housing at 5pm, 6:30pm Orientation.

**Prep-Day Mandatory for all new/1st time onsite students who are not in Housing.


The full cost of summer housing for the Pre-College Summer Art Experience students is $3,222*. This includes the required $500 housing deposit. $75 of this deposit is for non-refundable housing fees, and $425 is a refundable security deposit. A $50 activity fee is included in this price. Additionally, this also includes meals.

Daily Rate housing is optional for students looking to be on campus for a few days a week at $83 per night. *Prices subject to change without notice. For any extra information or questions regarding housing, call us at 1-800-544-2787, extension 6335 or email us directly.

Application Process

At this time, all housing applications are processed online.

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Summer Housing

Summer housing is available to students who are new to the University and students who are continuing their studies from previous semesters.

Housing Assignments

The Department of Housing will manually assign summer housing applicants to their summer building and bed space. A completed application and deposit are necessary before an assignment can be made. Assignments will be made on a rolling basis starting in mid-May. Applicants will receive an email once they’ve been assigned. Please keep in mind that only a select number of buildings are open during the summer semester.

How to Apply

  • Both new and continuing students must complete the online housing application and select “Summer Application.”
  • New students must pay a $500 housing deposit. Continuing housing students must have a minimum $250 housing deposit balance. This can be paid online through the housing portal, or by contacting Accounts Receivable at 415-618-6429
  • Pre-College Summer Art Experience students must apply via the Online Housing Application.

Summer 2018 Important Dates

Tuesday, June 12, 2018New International Student Move in
1PM – 6PM
79 New Montgomery
Tuesday, June 19, 2018New Student Move In
9AM – 5PM
Residence Halls
Friday, June 22, 2018Continuing Student Move In
9AM – 5PM
Residence Halls
Wednesday, August 15, 2018Residence Halls Close

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Athletic Recruits

Important Information for Student Athletes & Parents

  • Student athletes do not participate in room selection. You’ll need to contact your coach for more information about room types and roommate assignments.
  • Schedule an appointment with the athletics staff and your admissions rep to register for classes.
  • We are scholarship, partial scholarship, and non-scholarship friendly.

More Information

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