Music Scoring & Composition

It’s tough to avoid visual media. And no matter where you see it—full-length features, short clips on you phone, immersive video games—chances are it is enhanced by the accompanying music. The craft of creating music for the myriad media that surrounds us has become a highly desirable career. As a student in the Music Scoring and Composition degree program, you gain the creative skills and technological know-how to help you become music industry professional.



What We Teach

Learn music composition for a wide variety of styles. Versatility is key; you will learn harmony, orchestration and arranging to help you realize your musical vision. Gain hands-on experience with production tools to help bring your musical ideas to life.
Scoring for Film
Adapt your music composition skills to the world of film and other visual media. Learn techniques for scoring different types of scenes, how to build tension and release, how music relates to narrative storytelling.
Combine different instruments for effect and mood in your music. Learn to recognize characteristics and sound ranges (played and written) for various instruments, and dive into the world of MIDI virtual instruments to achieve realism in your compositions while adding new textures.

Music Scoring & Composition Degrees

The Music Scoring and Composition degree programs focus on the art and craft of composing, orchestrating, editing, and producing music for the all media using the latest technology. Today’s music industry demands highly educated professionals who can combine technical proficiency with musical creativity. They seek professionals who can develop high-quality sounding scores that leave an impression. Our music programs are designed to provide you with a competitive demo reel that sets you up for multiple income opportunities.

Start Your Career Now

Your dream is within reach. Follow your heart and get started on the career of your dreams.

Student Work

Bowen Sun: Final Portfolio
Gunwook Choi: Final Portfolio
Jonathan Galland: Final Portfolio
Monica Ge: Final Portfolio
Nina Pollock: Final Portfolio
Rhett Dahl: Final Portfolio
Wonji Lee: Final Portfolio
Zhuocheng Wei: Final Portfolio
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