Sound Design

When creativity meets innovative technology, art takes on many different shapes and forms. The Sound Design degree programs at the Academy provide you with the ideal mix of art and science to help prepare you for a career in music. Gain the skills necessary to create the overall aural concept for TV, video games, movies, and other visual media. Find your place at Academy of Art University, and bring your original music and sound designs to life.



What We Teach

Cinematic Storytelling
Sound designers love a good story. Learn how sound design works to support the aesthetic and narrative elements of a film, as you get a hands-on overview of the entire filmmaking process. You will play a range of creative and technical roles as you collaborate with the various disciplines required to make a professional piece of digital content.
Sound for Film
Learn the art of soundtrack creation by doing film sound from sound recording to final mix. Master the art of recording sound during film production, as well as editing sound effects, dialog, and final mix. Work collaboratively on a team with filmmakers, and create original soundtrack content for your demo reel.
Experimental Sound Design & Synthesis
Explore the future by learning skills in experimental sound design and sound synthesis using Pro Tools and Logic. Work on creative projects and cutting edge technologies to obtain a larger aural vista that can be applied to more commercial and more practical work in your future career.
Sound for Games
Make video game sound like the pros. Build audio production skills in the video game environment, including how to record, edit, and mix, with special emphasis on the implementation of voice, sound effects, and music. Learn workflow in audio assets for game design.

Sound Design Degrees

Students in the Sound Design degree programs at Academy of Art are immersed in the industry of sound design for visual media. Learn to create compelling and balanced sound mixes, and how to design soundtracks which support the emotional content of the visual image. Construct effective soundtracks for different visual environments such as film, television, animation, games and commercials. In addition to obtaining key skills in advanced sound design, you will also learn how to make the correct aesthetic decisions to augment the story being told.

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Student Work

Aaron Garabedian: Final Portfolio
Dan Johnson: Final Portfolio
Juan Prada: Final Portfolio
Nattha K: My Love My Energy
Siera Sinclair: TOB - The Metamorphosis of Creativity
Tanvi Phadke: Final Portfolio
Yueh-En Chen: Final Portfolio
Zoe Chang: Final Portfolio
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Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Program provides students with a holistic education covering the arts, humanities, and sciences. Courses highlight connections between the subject of study and the major fields of art and design, providing context to the larger world of art and design.

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The Foundations curriculum heightens perception and understanding of visual structure through the study of drawing, modeling of form, value structure, perspective principles, color, and design theory.

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