Game Development Facilities

The Academy’s game development studio facilities are designed to prepare you for a career in the game development industry. Our hands-on learning environment creates a culture that supports curiosity, investigation, and production.

Online students are also hands-on, as they engage in discussions and activities through the online platform, social media, and real-time streaming of our events. Both online and onsite learning environments give you the skills you need to create the game development career of your dreams.

Game Development Facilities


• 280+ Alienware High Performance Computers with Dual Monitors
• 13 iMac Workstations for iOS development
• 103 Cintiq Monitors (Model:"24HD”)
• 21 Alienware 25 inch 240Hz Monitors for Game Lounge
• 21 iPad Pro 12.9 Inch for Concept Art
• 6 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets
• 6 HTC VIVE VR Headsets
• 4 Samsung Gear VR Headsets
• 2 Samsung HMD Odyssey Windows Mixed Reality (MR) Headsets
• 2 Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality (AR) Headsets
• 60+ Wacom Tablets
• Xbox/PlayStation/Nintendo Game consoles
• iOS/Android mobile platforms: iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Students experience the latest virtual technologies in advanced studio courses which explore dynamic interaction in emerging platforms. Using the latest offerings from Oculus, HTC, Sony, Microsoft, or a future device, Interaction & UI/UX Design is dedicated to supporting, investigating, and producing work for this exciting format.

Competitive E-Sports Lab & Competition

We host weekly casual game events and competitive tournaments throughout the semester in our game lounge, The Knight Arcade. Students can join one of our many esports teams to represent the school in league-based competitions against other universities and colleges in North America. For students interested in a career in esports, we have an esports studio class that partners with top esports industry companies to produce and run events. Students from most majors can join using the skills they learned in their major, to gain real world experience before graduation.

Cross-Departmental War Rooms

Designed to expose you to a real-world work environment, you’ll collaborate with students from Schools of Music, Illustration, Animation and more in these designated work areas.

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