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Study Abroad: Photography/Liberal Arts Program

Photography/Liberal Arts Extras

In addition to all of the experiences in the main program, students enrolled in the Photography/Liberal Arts Program at this art university will also take excursions to:

  • Santa Croce
  • Palazzo Vecchio
  • Duomo Complex, Brunelleschi Pass (all 5 locations)
  • Fiesole Archaeological site, including round-trip bus transportation
  • Milano. This three-day, two-night trip includes:
    • Round-trip transportation by train
    • Milano hotel for two nights
    • Milano Armani Silos, including ticket
    • Milano Armani Silos, including guided tour
    • Milano Duomo
  • Venice Biennale
  • Venice Palazzo Fortuny, including ticket
  • Venice Palazzo Fortuny, including guided tour
  • Venice, Palazzo Ducale
  • Lucca (includes transportation on a private bus)
Study Abroad Photo/Lib Arts Collage

Photography/Liberal Arts Courses

LA 274/GLA 905 (3 units)

Immerse yourself in the seminal works of art and architecture in Florence, Italy. Through writing and sketching projects, lectures, and readings, you’ll experience Florence’s rich cultural heritage and discover the enduring influence of the Renaissance period. No prerequisites; open to all students. Meets LA art historical or cross cultural requirement or LA elective.

PH 493 / PH 903 (3 units)

Learn and apply photography skills in and around Florence and in excursions to Venice and small towns across Tuscany.  While immersed in the history and culture of the region, you will define and complete a compelling portfolio of travel photographs. No prerequisites open to all students.

Under Graduate students registering must enroll in both LA 274 and PH 493. Graduate students registering must enroll in both GLA 905 and PH 903.

Program Contact

School of Photography
Crucita Polizzi

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