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What is it like to study at the Academy? Can I get financial aid? Does the Academy offer student housing? Join us for a live online chat where Academy representatives will take your questions, show student work, and discuss the many programs and opportunities available. Reserve a spot in an upcoming chat today!

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Financial Aid

Please join us to talk about grants, loans, scholarships and how to fill out the FAFSA. We'll be taking questions and helping any way we can.

Upcoming Chats
     January 10th 6:00 pm Register
January 22nd 5:00 pm Register
Archived Chat
     December 18th, 2007 View Recording
May 22nd, 2007 View Recording
June 5th, 2007 View Recording
July 18th, 2007 View Recording
July 25th, 2007 View Recording
November 27, 2007 View Recording

Chats by Major

Several times a year our department Directors hold live chat sessions to take your questions, discuss their disciplines, show samples of student work, talk about specializations within their departments and the vision they have for their departments. These are always lively and informative conversations. If you're curious about what it really means to study at the Academy please join us for one of these chats.

     December 11th View Recording
Animation 2D
December 12th View Recording
Animation 3D
December 6th View Recording
December 19th View Recording
Computer Arts / New Media MFA
December 14th View Recording
Computer Arts / New Media BFA
December 18th View Recording
Digital Arts and Communication BFA
Spring 2007 View Recording
December 6th View Recording
Fine Art MFA
December 13th View Recording
Fine Art Illustration BFA
December 5th View Recording
Fine Art Painting BFA
December 17th View Recording
Fine Art Sculpture
December 19th View Recording
Graphic Design
December 11th View Recording
Industrial Design
December 5th View Recording
Interior Architecture and Design
December 10th View Recording
Motion Pictures and Television
December 7th View Recording
Photography BFA
December 17th View Recording
Photography MFA
December 10th View Recording

Housing Chats

In this chat we'll be showing you pictures of the Academy's many dormitories, talking about undergraduate and graduate housing, and of course taking your questions.

January 7th 1:00 pm Register

International Admissions Chats

In these chats we will be discussing coming to the Academy from another country. Almost thirty percent of our student population is from anther country! We would love to answer your visa questions, questions about housing, TOEFL, and ESL (and anything else you can think of).

December 18th (10:00am) View Recording
December 18th (5:30 pm) View Recording

Pre-College Summer Art Experience

Please join us to learn about our pre-college Summer Art Experience program. This program program is an enables high school students to explore their art & design skills and to build samples for their portfolio while earning college credit. The program concludes with an exciting art exhibition, giving students the opportunity to have their work reviewed by their parents, guests, and the general public in a gallery setting.

May 5th View Recording
May 30th View Recording

How online classes work

In these chats we answer the big question "How in the world do you teach art and design online" and we take your questions.

Upcoming chats: BFA Students
January 15th, 5:00pm View Recording
Upcoming chats: MFA Students
Archived chat: BFA Students
November 20th View Recording
Archived chats: MFA Students
December 11th View Recording


Chat Archives

Please click here to access our archive of previous live discussions.