Fashion Journalism

The Fashion Journalism AA and MA degree programs—with a special focus on Social Media—equip you with subject-area expertise to help communicate the rising complexity of the global fashion industry. You will develop a strong industry foundation that enables you to ask informed questions, convey fashion news in a larger context, and evaluate fashion collections with a critical, well-informed eye. You will also learn to produce cross-platform stories that are nuanced and sophisticated for print, digital, and social media.




What We Teach

Mobile & Social Media Reporting
With an emphasis on modern day storytelling and the digital tools that empower journalists to produce interactive news stories, the course will culminate in a live reporting presentation where students share long form features produced via popular mobile apps.
Fashion Journalism Foundations
The life of a fashion journalist is as creative and colorful as the fashions you are writing about. Gain journalism skills in runway reporting, interview techniques, spotting stories, social media, and promotion in the ever-moving, ever-changing fashion landscape.
Fashion Criticism
You will examine the global fashion industry circuit of runway shows, trade expos, and other events through the lens and language of fashion criticism. Topics will include the influences of personalities, brands, institutions, and media that make fashion an economic and cultural phenomenon around the world.
Blogging & Content Creation
Blogs form part of the contemporary media and content marketing landscape alongside social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. We offer practical experience in conceptualizing, producing, developing and distributing your own professional fashion blog.

Preparing The Leading Fashion Journalists of Tomorrow

The Fashion Journalism program teaches students the journalistic skills needed to succeed in all media and on all screens—from traditional print platforms to the growing world of online journalism and social media.

Fashion Journalism Degrees

The A.A. program is fueled by cross-functional skill development including storytelling, mobile reporting, social media management, blogging, video, podcasting, fashion film production, and a strong sense of ethics—all of which will be required of the leading fashion journalists of tomorrow.

The M.A. program is fueled by a deep intellectual understanding of fashion, ethics, and the ability to professionally utilize social media—skills that are required of the leading fashion journalists of tomorrow.

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